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The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Box Set September 4, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Pink Floyd, Richard's Musings, The Dark Side of the Moon.

It’s Father’s Day here today in Australia and because I’ve naturally been a really really good Dad all year, my family have given me a real treat for my present this year, the Immersion Box Set of the Pink Floyd classic, The Dark Side Of The Moon (although unfortunately, I have to wait a couple of weeks for it to get released until I can get my hands on it).

As the days of actually having a physical format for music (be it record or tape or CD or whatever) to hold and hug are fast disappearing in this age of digital downloads, Pink Floyd have decided to re-release their back catalogue in physical format one last time with some style.

All their albums are being re-released in new digitally remastered formats, but three of their very best albums (The Dark Side Of The Moon in late September, Wish You Were Here in November and The Wall in February 2012) get the special treatment with the release of Immersion Box Sets.

So what do you get in TDSOTM Immersion Box Set ?

The answer is heaps !!

In a very large box (naturally), you get:

Disc 1 , a CD containing a digitally remastered version of the album

Disc 2, a CD containing a previously unreleased live concert at Wembley dating back to 1974.

Disc 3, an audio DVD containing various 5.1 Surround Sound and Quadraphonic (as originally released in 1973) mixes of the album

Disc 4, a visual DVD containing various live performances, documentaries and all the original concert screen films (makes me want to go out and buy a circular TV !!)

Disc 5, a Blu-Ray containing both audio and video highlights of what I’ve listed already

Disc 6, a CD containing previously unreleased material, including demos and the various live sequences that didn’t quite make it onto the final album.

You also get a whole bunch of other goodies, including colour booklets, a photo book, Storm Thorgerson artwork and cards, a set of 9 coasters, a scarf (just in time for our Canberra summer), Pink Floyd marbles (of course) and replicas of various memorabilia.

I can’t wait !!

I’m almost pitying the neighbours already as I fully plan to sit in the middle of my surround sound system and play all this as it was intended. REALLY REALLY LOUD !!

If you want more details or you’re interested in buying this as well, simply click on the picture of the album artwork above.

This will definitely make my Recommendations Page 🙂


1. jgarry - September 7, 2011

Ah memories, LA Sports Arena, 1975. Echos with video on large round screen, plane on zip line crashing to DSOTM with explosions on screen…


Richard Foote - September 7, 2011

Hi Joel

You lucky lucky bugger !!

I had the one chance to see the Roger Waters-less Pink Floyd in Sydney back in 1988 but missed out and went to learn how to scuba dive instead.

A big, big regret 😦


2. AliD - September 9, 2011

Aaaah! I’m sure you know he will be back in February performing The Wall. Will you be there?


Richard Foote - September 14, 2011

Hi AliD

Yes, I already have my ticket for the second show in Sydney. Right near the front, right near the middle, just behind the floor space. I can’t wait !!

The Wall is one of my all time favoutite albums, so I’m really excited to see it live. Saw Roger Waters on both the “In The Flesh” and “The Dark Side of the Moon” Australian tours so it should be great seeing him one last time.


3. peter chrisp - September 14, 2011

Richard, could not agree with you more, i remember when it first came out in 1973 with, at that “time” was state of the art production,
but to have it too on bluray should be amazing, and other formats. Check this 3:08 visual ‘feast” on this great web-page, you will hopefully enjoy it too, it also lists 2 other great box sets also due, can’t
wait for these 2. Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung” very similar format and, The Doors L.A. Woman, better start saving “Money” here it is one word
and two ee’s ;


Richard Foote - September 14, 2011

Thanks Peter.

Some of these older albums sound great in these surround sound formats. I got Bowie’s Station To Station box set last year and there’s nothing like the sound of the train as it roams around the room !!

I’m also looking forward to the other Pink Floyd immersion sets although I’m a tab disappointed that The Wall didn’t get the surround sound treatment, although it does have lots of goodies in the form of heaps of previously unreleased demos.


4. Flado - September 24, 2011

Happy Dark Side Day!

Got my set today (thanks for the tip!) – “Money” is amazing on 5.1. And I’d appreciate it if you could tell me what does that woman say near the end of “The Great Gig In The Sky” from left-back? My English hearing comprehension seems not to be up to the task 😦



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7. Flado - October 15, 2011

XKCD has a neat idea today:
Seems like Randall got his box, too 🙂


Richard Foote - December 19, 2011

Hi Flado

Very good 🙂

I recently got the “Wish You Were Here” Immersion Box Set as well and it’s just as good, especially the surround-sound versions.

Just “The Wall” the go, released in Feb next year.


Flado - December 19, 2011

Same here – can’t wait for The Wall, although I do have the DVD which is already 5.1 – thanks again for the tip!

Interestingly enough, Amazon.de saw fit to send me another Bluray disk of Wish You Were Here, claiming that the one I got in the box was defective (something I hadn’t noticed after watching/listening to the whole thing several times). I haven’t yet gotten around to running a diff on the two disks, maybe over Christmas.
Did you get a replacement as well?


8. Richard Foote - December 23, 2011

Hi Flado

Yes, there was a problem with some pronounced clicking noises on Part II of Shine On.

Unfortunately, The Wall won’t come with a surround sound version but it does come with a whole heap of Roger Waters demos and outtakes from the recording sessions.

But it’s the marbles I’m after 🙂

Have a great Christmas.


Flado - December 23, 2011

Hello Richard,

Thanks for that.
I must admit I don’t get that whole marbles thing, though. Google was not much help (this was funny though: http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2011/11/crazy.html)
I feel I’m missing out on a joke 😦

Merry Christmas to you and your family too and good luck at Oracle 🙂


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