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Rebuilding Indexes and the Clustering Factor Quiz (One Of The Few) September 20, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Clustering Factor, Index Rebuild, Oracle Indexes, Quiz.

Today’s question has been prompted by various recent comments regarding the Clustering Factor (CF) of an index and how to change the CF requires a reorg of the underlining table.

It used to be quite a common myth that if the CF of an index was greater that “X” or based on some nonsensical formula the CF was greater than “Y”, then rebuilding the index somehow made everything better again. I believe it’s now much more commonly accepted that rebuilding an index does not change the CF of an index in any way. By rebuilding an index, the actual order of the index entries remains unchanged as does the order of the rows within the table and so the resultant CF can’t possibly change.

Pick any index, no matter how bad the CF or badly fragmented the index or table, take fresh statistics and after rebuilding the index (and fresh statistics if compute statistics on the index isn’t performed), the CF will remain the same.

However, there are nearly always exceptions …

Give an example of when rebuilding an index will significantly change the actual CF of an index, assuming 100% accurate statistics are gathered before/after the index rebuild on a table with no DML.

There are actually two such examples that spring to mind 🙂