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Oracle Database 18c Indexing Related New Features (New Angels of Promise) February 27, 2018

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Indexes.

new angels of promise

Although the recently released Oracle 18c Database is really just under the covers, there are a few little features and enhancements that are of interest from an indexing perspective. These include:

  • Memory Optimized Rowstore
  • Scalable Sequences
  • Oracle Text indexing enhancements, such as automatic background index maintenance and new optimize index options
  • JSON Search Index key name limit increased from 64 to 255 characters
  • Spatial Index support with Oracle Database Sharding
  • Golden Gate automatic conflict detect and resolution (CDR) support on tables with just Unique Constraints and/or Unique Indexes (previously required a Primary Key)
  • Modifying the partitioning strategy using a single, online DML, which can be extremely useful with regard modifying related indexing strategies
  • Online Merging of partitions and subpartitions (and impact on associated indexes)


The complete list of all that’s new with the Oracle 18c Database, check out the online manuals.

If you don’t have an Oracle Cloud account or an Oracle Engineered System to play around with the 18c database, you can have a play on Oracle Live SQL.

I’ll be blogging about these new features and enhancements (and various others) in the coming weeks so keep and eye out.

European Indexing Internals Seminar Events: Please Help Me Select (Station To Station) February 20, 2018

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Indexes.
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station to station

I’m currently determining which European countries to initially target for a series of my 2 day Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices seminars tentatively scheduled for the late May / early June time frame.

The cost for the 2 day seminar is to be confirmed but will be approximately 1200 Euros (plus any local taxes), which includes a guaranteed small class setting, lunch and both hard and soft copy of the exclusive 800+ page seminar materials.

To help me decide which 4 countries to initially target, can you please leave me a comment or contact me directly (richard@richardfooteconsulting.com) if you would be interested in attending a seminar in a particular country.

This is a must attend seminar of benefit to not only DBAs, but also to Developers, Solution Architects and anyone else interested in designing, developing or maintaining high performance Oracle-based applications. It’s a fun, but intense, content rich seminar that is suitable for people of all experiences (from beginners to seasoned Oracle experts).

I’ve now run this seminar in some 20 countries to critical acclaim. The last 30 people that have attended the seminar have scored the seminar a straight 5 out of 5.

For full details on seminar content, see my Index Seminar page.

The more people who express an interest in attending the seminar in a particular country, the more likely I’ll select the country as part of the initial May/June series.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the seminar.

“The European cannon is here” !!