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Richard Foote’s Art

Following is a collection of my art works I thought brave enough to upload.

They highlight both what’s in my mind (so be warned) and how I like to relax in the evenings :)

The style is generally “Abstract” but I’m not entirely sure abstract what !!

Each piece takes about 2 weeks to complete. I generally use A3 paper with ink pens.

Enjoy !!


“The Hidden Vs”



“Inside Triangles”



“Two Dead Trees”



“Sharp Edges II”


Sharp Edges

“Sharp Edges”






“Block On Blocks”



“Sleepless To Seattle”


New Horizons

“New Horizons”








Random Reads

“Random Reads”


Black Holes

“Black Holes”



“Coloured Dots”



“Dark Lightning”


Spiral I

“Spiral I”


Spiral II

“Spiral II”


1. Richard Foote’s Art Work (Art Decade) | Richard Foote's Oracle Blog - May 5, 2014

[…] Richard Foote’s Art […]

2. Randolf Geist - May 6, 2014

Absolutely wonderful!

3. Roshan Mathew - December 10, 2014

beautiful , wish i could do the same , great art works Mr Foote , a clear pointer that technology thrives through both creativity and logic alike.

4. Jared Hecker - January 31, 2015

“Block on Blocks” has a Kandinsky-ish/Michael Helzer-ish flavor. Nice work.

5. Martin Klier - February 11, 2015

Wow, I like “Random Reads” and “New Horizons” best.
Great stuff.

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