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A Few Random Notes June 18, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Richard's Musings.
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Just a few random notes.

Oracle Mix have the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Suggest-A-Session again this year with lots of good presentations as always. Follow the link to vote for my Q & A session on Oracle Indexing.

Jonathan Lewis has an interesting quiz on Oracle Indexes in answer to a question from the OTN forums:

“If I delete 90% of the rows from a table which has a few indexes, without rebuilding or coalescing indexes afterwards, will this improve the performance of index range scans ?”

Check out his Night Quiz blog entry for an excellent discussion on how things might be better, worse, unchanged or possibly all three in answer to the question.

I’ve received quite a number of emails and blog comments regarding errors in trying to access some of my older demos. There appears to be a problem with later versions of WordPress not supporting plain text files. I have on my to-do list the task of converting these files to PDF format so they can be generally viewable again. I hope to complete this thrilling task in the next week or so. Will keep you informed.

Finally, I had my paper on “10 Things You Possibly Don’t Know About Oracle Indexes” accepted for this years InSync11 Conference, to be held this year on 16-17 August 2011 at the Convention Centre in Sydney. As usual, there’s a great array of presenters including Tom Kyte, Connor McDonald, Chris Muir, Tim Hall, Graham Wood and Marcelle Kratochvil to name but a very few. Follow the link for the Full 2 Day Programme. Looking forward to it already and the opportunity to catch up with a lot of folks.

For those of you wondering, my negotiations with Manchester United, Barcelona and South Cooma Over 45’s Second 11 are still ongoing 🙂

The Best Goal Ever !! (Fearless) June 12, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Richard's Musings.

Australia (and Canberra specifically) had recently been suffering from two very long and difficult droughts.

One had been a severe lack of rain, which left dams at record low levels. After many years, this ended earlier in the year with rain aplenty and with local dams at long last back at 100% capacity.

The other drought however only just ended last week. That being for nearly three very long and difficult years, I had not managed to score a single goal for my local football team, the mighty Lanyon United. Well at long long last, this drought was also finally broken last week with arguably the best goal in the history of the game (well OK, perhaps I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit with the quality of the goal).

Here it is !!

I can neither confirm or deny rumours that I’m currently in negotiations with several leading European football teams 🙂