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Best Method To Select One Row From Small Table Quiz (Each Small Candle) September 5, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Indexes, Quiz, Small Indexes.

Assume you have a tiny little table with just 42 rows (naturally) that all fit in one table block. Order the following options in order of “efficiency” (most efficient option first) when accessing just one of these rows:

1) Full Table Scan of Heap Table

2) PK access of an Index Organised Table

3) Index access of Heap Table via a Unique Index

4) Index access of Heap Table via a Non-Unique Index

If you think any of the options are the same, then you can order them as follows (example only):

1) Option 1

2) Option 2

2) Option 3

4) Option 4

Answer in the next few days …

UPDATE: just to clarify based on comments already made.

Yes, any index must visit the table as there are required columns within the table that are not stored in the index (this is implied by the above options). The table has only ever contained 42 rows and the are no additional table blocks below the table HWM (not that this really makes a difference to the answer). To keep it simple, the column being queried has a NOT NULL constraint (although it doesn’t really matter, except for when you want to put a PK constraint on it such as with the IOT option).