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April Fools (I Got You Babe) !! April 1, 2008

Posted by Richard Foote in Humour, Oracle Blog, Richard's Musings.

Firstly, thank you for all the comments and emails, I’m very touched !!

Those of you that know me realise I have a naughty little streak in me that likes to get out and have some fun every now and then. April 1st is usually one of those days.

I feel a little guilty in posting my “Announcement” on 31 May GMT, however it was well and truly the morning of April 1 here in sunny Canberra, Australia, Australian Eastern Summer Time. So it’s well within the official April Fools rules of conduct. Time zones are a funny thing.

The first subtle clue that this “Announcement” was not quite what it might appear was in the title, Announcing Finale, as it has the same initials as April Fools. However, the far more obvious clue was within the post itself, with the first letter in every paragraph spelling April Fools. I modified the post to highlight how it was sitting there all along. Hee hee 😉

I must say I had thought the reference to my future career plans in the adult film industry might be stretching things a tad (pun fully intended), that and the fact I must of sounded totally demented, but it seems that many saw this as some kind of confirmation that I was really moving on !! I guess with a name like Dick Foote, anything is possible I guess.

Congratulations to those who picked it and sorry to those of you who I caught in the net 🙂

However, let me clearly state I have absolutely no intention of retiring and that this Blog will be around for quite some time yet.

I guess it only leaves me with one more thing to say, “April Fools” everyone !!