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Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog Has Arrived !! December 11, 2007

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Blog, Richard's Musings, Uncategorized.

Finally decided it might be worth giving this blogging lark a go.

Occasionally, as I come across interesting Oracle Database related issues, I’ll post my thoughts and opinions and who knows what else and perhaps, just maybe, others may find it interesting or useful as well.

However, will try and focus on the specific topic of Oracle Indexes as it’s such a huge and important area in any Oracle database design. It’s also an area in which there is much confusion, more than it’s far share of myths and popular misconceptions and one in which DBAs, Developers, Database Designers and the like all have a key role to play.

Let the fun begin …


1. Richard Foote - December 11, 2007

I guess it’s only fair I post the first comment …


jeanemcc - October 12, 2009

Hey Richard are you here at Oracle OpenWorld or are you watching the live stream? I’m putting the blogging to the test, too! Welcome! If you are here, I’d love to know your opinion on how the conference is going for you… OK… it’s really only the first day but the OPN forum was great! OTN coming up!

Jean McClelland, Praxis Reports


Richard Foote - October 15, 2009

Hi Jean

As you can see from from my latter posts, yes I’m here at OpenWorld and having a great time. I spend what little spare time I have here in the OTN lounge. Feel free to come up and say hello if you can find me 🙂


2. Niall Litchfield - December 11, 2007

Good to see you blogging – and I’m very jealous of the design.

Can’t see what there is to say about indexes though – just rebuild them weekly, rake in the overtime and lose your life to maintenance that’s what I say.

looking forward to your thoughts.


3. Richard Foote - December 12, 2007

Hi Niall

Damn, you’ve just about covered everything I was planning to say about indexes 😉


4. Sidhu - December 12, 2007


Nice to see you blogging…welcome to Oracle blogsphere…

& this theme…I feel like downloading right now into ma head and then switching from blogger to wordpress 🙂



5. Aman Sharma - December 12, 2007

hi sir,
Good to see that you have started blogging.I am going to add you in my blog list and site.There is alot to ask you.Hope I shall get a chance here :-).


6. Chris Muir - December 13, 2007

Welcome to the world of blogging Richard. I look forward to all things Oracle from an ACT perspective.

If you don’t mind I’ll blog about your new found blog existence to drum up your numbers a bit. Nothing like a bunch of readers to keep you blogging, and besides we need more Aussies on the scene to give that oh-so-she’ll-be-right perspective 😉

Check out the following wiki page for getting your blog aggregated on a number of Oracle RSS aggregators:


…these aggregators will expose you to a far wider readership base.

It’s just a shame you’ll be blogging about boring DBA stuff….. Indexes is so 1990s…. 😉




7. Noons - December 13, 2007

Good to see you around, Richard. One more blog to watch, for sure!


8. Richard Foote - December 13, 2007

Thanks for all the nice feedback folks !!

Chris, thanks for your “marketing”. It was actually meeting and chatting to you at OOW that made me think this might be a bit of fun. I promise to mention Java every now and then 😉

Indeed we Aussies need to stick together !!


9. Mohan - December 17, 2007

Hello Richard,
Nice to see your blogging. I was attended your unconference session about index at OOW. It’s great information. We want to see you more.


10. Brian Tkatch - February 5, 2008

Richard, out of curiosity, as you posts are informative, and you are posting frequently, how long does it take you to create a post?


11. Richard Foote - February 6, 2008

Hi Brian

Probably more time than they should 😉

It depends on the post and how much is involved in tidying up the demo as I like to include something that people can run and test in their own environments.

Most of the demos are part of my library of tests and demos that date back in some cases over 10 years to when I was teaching at Oracle.

I’ve just spent an hour or so on the post tonight to give you an example.


12. Brian Tkatch - February 6, 2008

I was wondering because i know how long it takes me to write a decent journal entry or reply (on slashdot). More than once, an hour or two was required to gets the words out, shape it, fix it, et al.

When i see your daily input, the quality and simplicity that attest to the time put into it. And you are doing it basically every day, which is different than the other bogs i look at. Granted, you’re still a “newb” 😛 so when the “i have a new blog” wears off you may slow down.

Thanx for the reply.


13. Richard Foote - February 7, 2008

Hi Brian

Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

It all certainly takes time and effort and I’m sure there’ll be a time when the output will slow down. I’m aiming for 2-3 entries or so a week until the body of posts becomes a useful reference resource.

Early to bed tonight though !!


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