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Index Internals Seminar

As I now work directly for Oracle Corporation, I can no longer run these seminars. However, if you ask your friendly Oracle University folks and there’s enough local interest, who knows what could be arranged 🙂

Please contact me at richard.foote@bigpond.com for further information or availability.

I currently present a very in-depth 2 day Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices Seminar. There is also a condensed 1 day version of the Oracle Index Internals and Best Practices Seminar upon request.

Indexes are fundamental to every Oracle database and are crucial for optimal performance. However, there’s an incredible amount of misconception, misunderstanding and pure myth regarding how Oracle indexes function and should be maintained. This seminar examines most Oracle index structures and discusses in considerable detail how they function and how they should be used and maintained.

Introduction: Overview of Index Structures and Options

Session One: Introduction To B-Tree Indexes

Session Two: Index Statistics

Session Three: Indexes and Constraints

Session Four: Rebuilding, Coalescing and Shrinking Indexes

Session Five: Indexes And The Cost Based Optimizer

Session Six: Miscellaneous Index Tips, Tricks and Traps

Session Seven: Linguistic Indexes

Session Eight: Additional Indexing Options

Session Nine: Partitioned Indexes

Session Ten: Bitmap Indexes

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