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New Oracle OakTable Website April 26, 2010

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle OakTable.

Just a short note to say the Oracle OakTable have launched a wonderful new website: http://www.oaktable.net/.

Not only does it look great, but among its many features is a latest news section based on blog feeds from fellow OakTable members, new technical articles, clips and videos, latest twitter updates and is simply a great single location to find out what’s new and happening in the Oracle world.

It also features a really nice “Web Safe Search” facility that will automatically ignore “questionable” websites, such as those for example that claim Bitmap Indexes should only be used for low-cardinality columns, thus decreasing the need to troll through the rubbish that often tops Google searches and increasing the likelihood of finding correct and useful information quickly. This facility is especially useful for Oracle newbies who may not immediately recognise the dangers of say rebuilding all indexes in the largest support block size or rebuilding all indexes each and every Sunday or only using Bitmap indexes for so-called low cardinality columns, etc. Web Safe Search simply ignores many of the web sites that promote such activities, how cool is that 🙂

Well done to James Morle,  Kurt Van Meerbeeck, Marco Gralike and everyone else involved on the revamped website.

I would highly recommend paying it a regular visit and adding it to your list of useful Oracle bookmarks.