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AUSOUG Connect 2021- “Automatic Indexing: An Update On Improvements and New Capabilities” October 26, 2021

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I’ve very pleased that my paper “Automatic Indexing: An Update On Improvements and New Capabilities” has been accepted for the upcoming AUSOUG Connect 2021 Virtual Conference.

The conference runs between 9th – 12th November 2021 and features a host of great topics and speakers including Connor McDonald, Chris Saxon, Jim Czuprynski, Sandesh Rao, Karen Cannell, Kai Yu, Francesco Tisiot, Roy Swonger and Franco Ucci among many many others. The best part is that it’s all free !!

My Automatic Indexing presentation will be on at 3pm AEDT on 12th November and has the following description:

One the most impressive and exciting database innovations introduced in Oracle Database 19c is “Automatic Indexing”, an expert system built into the database engine that not only recommends potential new indexes to create, but will actually introduce new indexes in a safe and automated manner.

This session explores in-depth this ground breaking feature, detailing how Automatic Indexing works, how it can be deployed and highlights a number of improvements and new capabilities that have been introduced since Automatic Indexing was first released.

Attendees will gain an excellent appreciation of the power to Automatic Indexing and how this feature can substantially assist in reducing the risk of having a sub-optimal indexing strategy that causes performance implications.”


For details of all the amazing content and to register for any of the sessions, please visit: https://ausoug.org.au/connect-2021/


Hopefully, you can tune in and I’ll see you at my session 🙂


AUSOUG Connect 2019 Conference Series August 21, 2019

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Connect 2019


AUSOUG will again be running their excellent CONNECT 2019 conference series this year at the following great venues:

  • Monday 14th October – Rendezvous Hotel In Melbourne
  • Wednesday 16th October –  Mercure Hotel in Perth

As usual, there’s a wonderful lineup of speakers from both Australia and overseas including:

  • Connor McDonald
  • Scott Wesley
  • Guy Harrison
  • Jeffrey Kemp
  • Francisco Munoz Alvarez
  • Gavin Soorma
  • Douglas Hood
  • Charles Kim
  • Craig Shallahamer
  • David Peake
  • Patrick Barel
  • Christopher Jones

to name but a few. You can see the full list of speakers here.

I’ll will also be presenting my fully updated and revised “10 Things You Might Not Know About Oracle Indexes But Really Should” presentation, that covers the more important and recent indexing capabilities that are not so widely known or understood but can be critical for optimal database/application performance.

If you’re an Oracle professional based in Australia, this is definitely the Oracle conference for you. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet many of you at either Melbourne or Perth 🙂

For more information, including how to register, visit the Connect 2019 site here.


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AUSOUG “Oracle Master” Award November 22, 2018

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I was very flattered and honoured to be named one of the first 4 “Oracle Masters” by the Australian Oracle User Group at the recent AUSOUG Connect 2018 conference in Melbourne.

Thank you to all the AUSOUG members involved for this award. As always, it’s a pleasure to help fellow Oracle Database professionals in Australia in whatever capacity I can, especially at cool events such as Connect 2018.

Congratulations to the other members of the “Famous First Four”, Connor McDonald, Penny Cookson and Dennis Remmer. Exalted company indeed.