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Announcement: Dates Confirmed For Upcoming Webinars (“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”) May 19, 2022

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As promised last week, I have now finalised the dates for my upcoming webinars.

They will be run as follows (UPDATED):

Oracle Indexing Internals Webinar: 8-12 August 2022 (between 09:00 GMT and 13:00 GMT daily): SOLD OUT!!

Oracle Performance Diagnostics and Tuning Webinar: 22-25 August 2022 (between 09:00 GMT and 13:00 GMT daily): SOLD OUT!!

Special Combo Price for both August 2022 Webinars“: SOLD OUT!!

I’ll detail costings and how to register for these events in the coming days.


There is already quite a waiting list for both of these webinars and so I anticipate available places will likely go quickly. Sorry to all those who have been waiting for so long and thank you for your patience. Please note for those on the waiting list, I already have places reserved for you.

It’s highly likely these will be the last time I’ll ever run these highly acclaimed training events (yes, I’m getting old)…

So don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn important skills in how to improve the performance and scalability of both your Oracle based applications and backend Oracle databases, in the comfort of your own home or office.

Read below a brief synopsis of each webinar:

Oracle Indexing Internals

This is a must attend webinar of benefit to not only DBAs, but also to Developers, Solution Architects and anyone else interested in designing, developing or maintaining high performance Oracle-based applications. It’s a fun, but intense, content rich webinar that is suitable for people of all experiences (from beginners to seasoned Oracle experts).

Indexes are fundamental to every Oracle database and are crucial for optimal performance. However, there’s an incredible amount of misconception, misunderstanding and pure myth regarding how Oracle indexes function and should be maintained. Many applications and databases are suboptimal and run inefficiently primarily because an inappropriate indexing strategy has been implemented.

This seminar examines most available Oracle index structures/options and discusses in considerable detail how indexes function, how/when they should be used and how they should be maintained. A key component of the seminar is how indexes are costed and evaluated by the Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) and how appropriate data management practices are vital for an effective indexing strategy. It also covers many useful tips and strategies to maximise the benefits of indexes on application/database performance and scalability, as well as in maximising Oracle database investments. Much of the material is exclusive to this seminar and is not generally available in Oracle documentation or in Oracle University courses.

For full details, see: https://richardfooteconsulting.com/indexing-seminar/


Oracle Performance Diagnostics and Tuning

This is a must attend webinar aimed at Oracle professionals (both DBAs and Developers) who are interested in Performance Tuning.  The webinar details how to maximise the performance of both Oracle databases and associated applications and how to diagnose and address any performance issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

When an application suddenly runs “slow” or when people start complaining about the “poor performance” of the database, there’s often some uncertainty in how to most quickly and most accurately determine the “root” cause of any such slowdown and effectively address any associated issues. In this seminar, we explore a Tuning Methodology that helps Oracle professionals to both quickly and reliably determine the actual causes of performance issues and so ensure the effectiveness of any applied resolutions.

Looking at a number of real world scenarios and numerous actual examples and test cases, this webinar will show participants how to confidently and reliably diagnose performance issues. The webinar explores in much detail the various diagnostics tools and reports available in Oracle to assist in determining any database performance issue and importantly WHEN and HOW to effectively use each approach. Additionally, participants are also invited to share their own database/SQL reports, where we can apply the principles learnt in diagnosing the performance of their actual databases/applications.

One of the more common reasons for poor Oracle performance is inefficient or poorly running SQL. This seminar explores in much detail how SQL is executed within the Oracle database, the various issues and related concepts important in understanding why SQL might be inefficient and the many capabilities and features Oracle has in helping to both resolve SQL performance issues and to maintain the stability and reliability of SQL execution.

It’s a fun, but intense, content rich webinar that is suitable for people of all experiences (from beginners to seasoned Oracle experts).

For full details, see: https://richardfooteconsulting.com/performance-tuning-seminar/


Keep an eye out in the coming days on costings and how to register for these events.

If you have any questions about these events, please contact me at richard@richardfooteconsulting.com


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