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Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing: Currently Broken In Autonomous ATP Databases Part II (Fix You) January 12, 2021

Posted by Richard Foote in 19c, 19c New Features, Automatic Indexing, Autonomous Database, Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle, Oracle General, Oracle Indexes.


Firstly, thank you for all those who contacted me regarding the issue with Oracle Automatic Indexing (AI) having stopped working within the Autonomous ATP Database Cloud service. It appears this issue was indeed widely spread and impacted numerous (if not all) Autonomous ATP Database Cloud services.

This was all possibly due to (unpublished) bug 32151108 that results in a STOPPED AI task status due to No Data Found exception.

The good news is that this all appears to now be fixed (at least in the Sydney Data Centre from at least 12th January 2021). I logged on for the first time in some weeks yesterday, where the AI tasks were again running successfully and creating the necessary indexes. As the cloud service had been stopped, upon restarting the database, the AI tasks had to address the significant backlog of SQL statements that had built up and needed to be actioned.

In the coming days, I’ll run a number of tests to confirm that all indeed is now well.

On Twitter Tanel Poder made the following pertinent comment:

The quality of support org & maintenance is even more important when consuming the entire DB platform as a service, with no access to OS, internals and patching yourself…

I couldn’t agree more.


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2. Phil Goldenberg - February 11, 2021

Thank you for reporting on this. Seems like the issue is back, unfortunately. At least it is for me on ATP free tier 19.5, running off the US East (Ashburn) data center


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