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Oracle Database 19c Automatic Indexing: Predicted Back In 2008 (A Better Future) March 19, 2019

Posted by Richard Foote in Automatic Indexing, Autonomous Database, Oracle Indexes.


I’ve recently received a number of correspondences regarding one of my most popular blog posts, dating back to February 2008: Index Rebuild vs. Coalesce vs. Shrink Space (Pigs – 3 Different Ones).

In the comments section, there’s an interesting discussion where I mention:

If Oracle19 does everything for you and all the various indexes structures get automatically created, used, applied, tuned, maintained, partitioned, etc. etc., then I’ll have nothing to write about 🙂.

Actually, when I think about it, it may not take as long as Oracle19 for Oracle to get there.

The fact this was stated some 10 years before the release of Oracle Database 19c with indeed the new Automatic Indexing capability is kinda funny.

I would however like to state a few points.

Firstly, congratulations for the impressive timely predication should go to Robert who made the initial reference to Oracle 19c in the comments.

Although the changing in Oracle database versioning helped in getting the predicted Oracle version correct, I did at least make the comment that I thought some form Automatic Indexing was likely before Oracle 19c.

Although not all the predicted capabilities are there yet (no auto index maintenance, no auto index partitioning, not all index structures are yet supported with auto indexing, etc.), I do predict that these will all be implemented within a few Oracle database releases (early 20s).

I stated there would be nothing to blog about if automatic indexing became a reality, which of course is not true either. The more one understands how Oracle actually works, the more one can proactively identify and address any potential issues and deficiencies. Automatic Indexing is ONLY going to be available on Exadata and the Oracle Cloud platform, so the majority of Oracle On-Premises database users will still need to manually manage indexes. Understanding how Automatic Indexing capability works means one can potentially highlight and learn how to more appropriately manage indexes manually.

So finally, yes I will of course be blogging about Automatic Indexing and about indexing in general in the new Autonomous Database cloud environments.

I’ll start with some initial thoughts and examples of indexing the Autonomous Data Warehouse Database.

Stay tuned.


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