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It was 12 years ago today… July 8, 2014

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Indexes.

It was exactly 12 years ago today that I first presented my Index Internals – Rebuilding The Truth presentation at a local ACT Oracle User Group event.

And so my association with Oracle indexes started. It would be an interesting statistic to know how many people have subsequently read the presentation 🙂 It would no doubt result in a few 50-50 block splits !!

How time flies 🙂



1. Niall Litchfield (@nlitchfield) - July 8, 2014

Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about any of those myths hanging around for a decade or more. 🙂


2. jagdeepsangwan - July 8, 2014

Thanks for having such a nice blog. I came to know about the presentation “Index Internal – Rebuilding The Truth” from a mention by Thomas Kyte on his AskTom site. And as that presentation is one of the excellent material.



3. David Lord (@DavidCLord) - July 8, 2014

By sheer fluke, I downloaded a copy this morning. Unfortunately, I’m still fighting the same battles.


4. Sampathkumar - July 8, 2014

Great going. I came to your blog 3 years back. after reading first article, very much impressed and at a stretch within 1 week i read all of your posts , be it bitmap index vs btree index, shrink vs rebuild index everything .

Richardfoote synoym to oracle indexes 🙂 🙂


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