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Demo Links To All Older Posts Now Accessible (Chains) January 3, 2014

Posted by Richard Foote in Richard's Blog.

OK, for a quite some time (too long probably !!!) people have been sending me emails and leaving comments that they have been unable to access a number of the demos to my older posts and those listed in my Presentations and Demos page. I previously would write an article but include a demo that illustrated the point I was trying to make in a separate link, primarily to not scare people off with overly long posts. However WordPress stopped supporting the plain text files I used to upload the demos and so people would get error messages when accessing the demos . This was one of the reasons I stopped using this format and instead simply included the demos as part of the text of my later blog articles. That and because many people didn’t bother following the links anyways and so missed out on a lot of the fun.

As people pleaded for access to a particular demo I would fix them but in order to start 2014 with a clean slate, I’ve gone through all my blog articles and where it had a link to a demo, re-formatted the associated file to PDF which WordPress does support. So hopefully, everyone can now access all my demos to all my articles both on the Home and Presentation/Demos page. If you happen to stumble across a link to a demo that doesn’t work, just let me know.

I feel like I’ve finally cleaned out the back shed, a job I kept putting off …


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