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Oracle Database 12c Released – Lots of Indexing Stuff To Talk About June 26, 2013

Posted by Richard Foote in 12c, Oracle Indexes.

Finally, Oracle have released the long awaited 12c Database. You can now download it from OTN and other usual places. This is good news as my tongue was getting rather sore from having to bite on it for so long 🙂

From an indexing point of view, there are lots of fantastic new features, especially from a manageability perspective. The ability to create multiple indexes with the same column list, to partially index tables, with enhanced capabilities regarding online operations, with enhanced index monitoring capabilities, etc. etc. there’s plenty that I can now discuss here.

Unfortunately, all my presentations have been rejected for Oracle Openworld this year so I won’t be able to present them over there 😦

Fortunately I’ll be able to discuss them all here in lots of detail in the coming weeks, so stay tuned 🙂


1. Mark Brady - June 26, 2013

Who would ever reject you?


Richard Foote - June 26, 2013

Hi Mark

LOL. I know, hard to believe 🙂


nlitchfield - June 26, 2013

Dear Richard

“Is it any wonder I reject you first?!”


2. vijay sehgal - June 26, 2013


hard to believe that your presentations got rejected, but it will be a treat for your readers to learn as most of us won’t be able ot make it for the OOW


3. Jonathan Lewis - June 27, 2013

Any good bits on when to rebuild an index ? 😉

I’ll resist writing up the stuff I’ve done with indexes – no point in covering the same ground twice.


4. shivahindwan - June 27, 2013

hard to believe 😦


5. Steve Karam (@OracleAlchemist) - June 28, 2013


When it’s unusable.

Hope I helped. 😉

In all seriousness though, I don’t think there’s any harm in redundancy in blogging. There will always be some new thought process or interesting tidbit that comes to light, and people who don’t check for old articles might learn something new.


6. OracleCommunity - July 18, 2013

Are you serious, how and why in god’s name did your presentations get rejected ? i mean its oracle database 12c you’re talking about :S


Richard Foote - July 19, 2013

Hi OracleCommunity

LOL, yes, shocking isn’t it 🙂

I’ll at least get the chance to present one of them to the local user group community here in (not so) sunny Canberra next month.


7. Alinda - October 10, 2013

I’m really sorry to hear about your rejection.
I’d be very glad if I can have a look at your presentations.
I’m sure that I will find many interesting things in your slides.
Your fan from Hungary.


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