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I’m Back !! Oracle Index Internals Seminar Scheduled in Europe For June. April 3, 2013

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Index Seminar, Richard's Musings.

It’s been quite a while but I’ve recently been asked to present my Indexing Seminar in Europe for Oracle University and at this stage, all the planets seem to be aligning themselves to make this a distinct possibility.

Seminar details are as follows:

Location: Bucharest, Romania

When: 17-18 June 2013

Cost: 2000 RON (approx. 450 EUR)

Enrolment: Follow this link

This will be a unique opportunity as I just don’t get the chance in my schedule to present this any more, to learn some rather interesting and useful information on all things to do with Oracle indexes. Note there are currently no plans to schedule other events in the foreseeable future, this is it.

Hopefully you’ll get the opportunity to attend and I’ll get to meet you in beautiful Bucharest 🙂


1. Andrew - April 3, 2013

Richard, the second link (“Follow this link”) is broken.


2. nicolemichele - April 16, 2013

Hi Andrew, You must be on the Romanian website for the link to work. Check the upper right hand corner to change the country. Alternatively, you can also simply email education_ro@oracle.com. 🙂


3. Uwe Hesse - April 18, 2013

This URL is not dependent on your OU localization:


Richard Foote - April 30, 2013

Thanks guys, I’ve amended the enrolment link to one that can be accessed from any location.

The class is getting very full and has already been confirmed as definitely going. Flights have been booked, here I come 🙂


4. Richard Foote - June 11, 2013

One week to go now !! Bags are all but packed, hopefully will be able to catch-up with some of you there 🙂


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