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Merry Christmas (plus long lost “The Jean Genie”) December 24, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Christmas.

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy, safe and successful New Year.

As always, thank you all so much for supporting the blog, with all your comments and nice feedback. Hopefully, you’ve found content here that has been of some use. Now that I’m back at Oracle Corporation, 2012 should hopefully be an exciting year with lots to talk and blog about.

Here’s my Christmas present …

Described as an early Christmas present for all David Bowie fans world-wide, footage of the great man performing his classic hit “The Jean Genie” on England’s “Top of the Pops” has recently re-surfaced. Thought long-lost (as the BBC had a tendency to simply delete their tapes), this was originally recorded way back at the time Bowie was working on the “Aladdin Sane” album, on 3rd January 1973 and broadcast the next day on 4th January 1973. It basically hasn’t been seen since until a cameraman on the show recently told the world he had a copy of the tapes in his shed !!

Now, nearly 40 years on, it’s still a great song, a great band and a great performance.

Enjoy 🙂


1. Amit S. - December 24, 2011

Thanks Richard for clip.

Wish you a merry Christmas.


2. Anand - December 24, 2011

Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂


3. peter chrisp - December 24, 2011

Could not agree more you took the words right out of my mouth, back in the old “glam daze” that to me was a classic in it’s own time with the
late great Mick Ronson good to see this rare footage, we had 3 great
bands in a similar style including T.Rex & Sweet, & Bowie of course, a big thanks all the best 2 for Christmas & the New Year


4. kevinclosson - December 25, 2011

funny… my 15 yr old son and I are right now viewing a DVD of YES 90125 tour!


not that such has to do with their xmas gifts… we just like good music


jgarry - December 29, 2011

Last week, satellite radio was playing something labeled Yes Inglewood (1978). Heart Of The Sunrise was part of it. I took this there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joel_garry/385759258/


Richard Foote - January 3, 2012

Hi Kevin

Yes are one of those bands I probably should revisit more.

There is of course a very strong connection between David Bowie and the Yes version from the early 70’s … 🙂


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[…] Richard Foote, the Index Guy, just wants to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy, safe and successful New Year. So nice of him. […]


6. Jenny - January 17, 2012

Wasn’t this shown on the news not too long ago?

Was fantastic to see a lost clip of David Bowie on TV.
Was real enjoyable to listen to.

I’m way too late for the Christmas wishes, but all the best for 2012.


Richard Foote - January 18, 2012

Hi Jenny

Yes, it made it on to the ABC news here in Australia.

It was just brilliant to see it for the first time !!

Happy New Year to you as well 🙂


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