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How To Become An Oracle Expert (The Scientist) August 13, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in InSync11, Sydney Oracle Meetup.

I’ve been invited by the Sydney Oracle Meetup Group to participate in an open discussion on “How To Become An Oracle Expert” next Tuesday, 16 August 2011 at 5:30pm.

There’s a great lineup, including:

–  Chris Muir (Oracle ACE Director, Australia)
–  Connor McDonald (Oracle ACE Director, Australia)
–  Craig Shallahamer (Oracle ACE Director, US)
–  Guy Harrison (Oracle ACE, Australia)
–  Marcelle Kratochvil (Oracle ACE Director, Australia)
–  Richard Foote (Oracle ACE Director, Australia)
–  Thomas Kyte (Oracle, US)
–  Tim Hall (Oracle ACE Director, UK)

For anyone in Sydney next week attending the InSync11 Conference, this is a great opportunity to meet and chat with some rather clever folks involved in the Oracle community. The venue has changed due to demand (there are currently 66 people down to attend), so if you’re interested, I  strongly suggest you create an account and enroll while you still can.

Hope to catch up with some of you at either InSync11 or at this event next week🙂



1. Amardeep Sidhu - August 13, 2011

Tom is an (employee) ACE too😉


Richard Foote - August 23, 2011

Hi Amardeep

Tom is a gentleman who really really knows Oracle.

Enough said🙂


2. Yury (@yvelikanov) - August 13, 2011

Thank you Richard for the blog post and agreeing to participate!

I am sure that the SOM event is going to be a very cool and a special(different) event!

For those who is going to participate. We are running “Expert a question contest!” now. You may win a very special prize! Expert book with a personal autograph.

Amardeep I think Tom Kyte is so recognizable name in Oracle space that he don’t need any rewards mentioned🙂
However to be 100% correct I would be glad to adjust the announcement text but I can’t find his name using Oracle ACEs lookup page (Find an Oracle ACE). is list of Oracle employees ACEs available anywhere on the web?

SOM Organizer,


Richard Foote - August 23, 2011

Hi Yury

Thank you again for the invite.

It was an excellent event and I had a really good time. Based on the feedback I received, I think it was a great success so well done indeed.

It was a pleasure meeting you, hopefully I’ll get the chance to do so again sometime soon🙂


3. Volya - August 17, 2011

Good day Richard

I attended you presentation “10 things you possibly don’t know about Oracle indexes”.
Thank you very much.
It was the most interesting presentation in Database part yesterday.



Richard Foote - August 23, 2011

Thanks Volya, I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation.

As usual, I try to fit 2 hours worth of material in 45 mins but I got there in the end (just).


4. Amardeep Sidhu - August 18, 2011


>>Amardeep I think Tom Kyte is so recognizable name in Oracle space that he don’t need any rewards mentioned

Yea. Of course. I was just kidding🙂

>>I can’t find his name using Oracle ACEs lookup page

I think it used to be there. But now can’t find it. So may be they removed the names of Employee ACEs.


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