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Last Notice For Seminars Scheduled For Vienna and Tallinn Next Month February 18, 2011

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Index Seminar.

Just received an email from Oracle University stating that numbers are very tight for my Index Internals and Best Practices Seminars scheduled next month for Vienna and Tallinn. Unfortunately, due to the travel time, it will be a case of them both running or neither of them going ahead.

With cancelled events in the past, it’s invariably been the case of people complaining later that they were just about to enroll when Oracle University went and cancelled the seminar. These things will unfortunately happen if things are left too late as obviously Oracle University need time to arrange and confirm travel with the presenter, print materials, gives customers who have enrolled sufficient time to give them notice of a cancellation as they often have made travel arrangements, etc. etc.

So if you are interested in attending, may I suggest you contact your local Oracle University rep ASAP of your intention before it’s too late.

Details are:

7-8 March 2011- Vienna

10-11 March 2011 – Tallinn

UPDATE: These seminars have now been confirmed and will definitely go ahead. To those attending, looking forward to seeing you all 🙂


1. Richard Foote - February 23, 2011

Good news.

These seminars have now both been confirmed as going ahead.

To those enrolled, I look forward to meeting you all.

Sitting here however at the end of an Australian summer, with 30C days, not entirely sure I’m looking forward to the -20C days currently at these venues !!


2. Seminārs par Oracle indeksēšanu « Datubāzes - March 2, 2011

[…] Nesen atklājās, ka tepat netālu Tallinā nākošnedēļ (10. un 11. martā) notiks Richard Foote seminārs par Oracle indeksēšanu, to dažādajiem veidiem (b-koku indeksi, bitmapu indeksi, particionētie indeksi utt) iekšējo indeksu struktūru, to administrēšanu, ietekmi uz CBO (Cost based optimizer) u.c lietas, kas visas ir apkopotas šī semināra satura aprakstā. […]


3. Gints Plivna - March 2, 2011

OK I also got confirmation and €€ from my company for your seminar and wrote a blog entry for other possibly interested persons in Latvia, which is link above 🙂
Actually now we have only -4C and next week hopefully there will be more or less about zero C. So the difference won’t be 50C, but just 30C 🙂
I’m looking forward to it!


Richard Foote - March 2, 2011

Hi Gints

Really looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for the plug on your blog.

I’m so glad it’s “warming” up over there, a 50C difference was going to be hard to take !!

I’ve borrowed a warm coat from a friend who used to live in Canada, hoping it’ll do the job.


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