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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Agenda (Breakfast In America) July 22, 2010

Posted by Richard Foote in OOW.

I was all set and ready to go Oracle OpenWorld this year when things took a turn for the worse and it looked very much as if I wouldn’t be able to make it but things have thankfully changed yet again and it now looks like I will finally be able to make it to OOW this year after all.

Which is a good thing as I have a number of presentations scheduled for this year’s conference. Firstly, I was invited by the IOUG to do a presentation for the Oracle OpenWorld User Group Forum on the Sunday:

Session S318615: “IOUG: Oracle Indexing Tips Trick and Traps” – Sunday September 19, 12:30pm Moscone West L2 Room 2005

Secondly, my proposal in the Oracle Mix Suggest-A-Session got enough votes to be selected. Confirmed details are:

Session S319069: “Oracle Indexing New Features In Oracle11g R1 and R2” – Monday September 20, 2:00pm Moscone South Room 303

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who voted. Hopefully you can now make it to the session and maybe even pick up a thing or two.

Note many of these sessions at OOW  have a nasty habit of filling up quickly so if any of these are of interest, I would strongly recommend booking them in and reserving your spot (once Oracle get their Schedule Builder up and running that is). That said, the three of us in attendance should have plenty of room to stretch out 😉

Finally, I’ve decided to put my name down for the Oracle Unconference again this year. Partly because it was relatively successful last year when I attempted this in that it generated a number of interesting discussions, partly because it’s in the spirit of the Unconference where unstructured and interactive presentations are the go but mainly because it requires absolutely no preparation on my part whatsoever, I’ve decided to host another question and answer session on all things Oracle Indexes. This is your chance and opportunity to ask those questions on how Oracle indexes work, how they should be used, how they should be maintained, on indexing issues you want to share or solve or dispel or whatever, with a whole bunch of other Oracle professionals. As always, if the questions dry up, no worries, we can spend the rest of the time discussing which of David Bowie’s albums is the most influential 😉 Details are:

“Oracle Indexing Q & A With Richard Foote” Tuesday 21 September, 10:00am Hotel Parc 55 Mason Room

The Oracle Unconference is always one those secret little highlights of the whole Oracle OpenWorld event where you often get the opportunity to listen, meet and speak with some great speakers in relatively quiet and intimate (for OOW) surroundings. Always worth checking out the agenda each day.

Now I’ve posted all this, my plans are now very likely to change yet again but hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to catchup with a whole bunch of you again at OOW 2010 in September. If you see me wondering around, don’t forget to say Gidday !!

UPDATE: The Schedule Builder is now available from the Oracle OpenWorld website so those attending can now book and reserve places at their presentations of interest. I’ve got in early and booked all my favourites.


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2. John Hurley - July 27, 2010

Is there any unconference information available yet? For example how did you know a time and place for your 2010 unconference presentation?


Richard Foote - July 28, 2010

Hi John

I’m fortunate in that I’ve been given a sneek access to how the Unconference will be organised this year. General details will be released very shortly I believe.


3. John Hurley - July 29, 2010

It seems kind of reverse logic that an unconference event is pre organized ( by Oracle and Sun apparently ) before the conference. Maybe it is time for the un-unconference???

But anyhow here is the link I found ( http://wikis.sun.com/display/JavaOne/Unconferences+at+JavaOne+and+Oracle+Develop+2010 ) it looks like presenters can sign up for a room and time slot.


Richard Foote - July 29, 2010

Hi John

I think the organisers are trying to find a nice middle-ground here. The big problem when staging the first unconference was that although there were several excellent talks, hardly anyone turned up as there was so little warning many of these talks were on. Things improved a little in later years but the same old issue of folks planning their day with regular presentations while missing out on excellent unconference ones because they had no idea what was on. A good friend of mine (an Oracle ACE Director) had not a single person turn up to his unconference talk the first year even though the topic was interesting, simply because hardly anyone knew he was speaking.

So they’re trying to get a few interesting things up early in the unconference to get people interested and turning up with time to plan for these things while ensuring there are a number of slots free each session for the spontaneous bookings which might attract more attention with enough traffic walking through.

It’s an attempt to light the fire somewhat beforehand so others can subsequently come along and present and really get the thing alight during the conference itself.


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