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Collaborate 2010: Penny Lane December 18, 2009

Posted by Richard Foote in Collaborate 10, Richard's Musings.

Well, so much for my plans to not travel as much next year …

Found out earlier in the week I’ve now been selected to present at next year’s Collaborate 10 event in Las Vegas. I’ll be presenting a new version of my Indexing Tricks and Traps presentation on Monday, 19 April from 10:45am to 11:45am (Session 302).

I’ve been to Las Vegas a number of times but this will be my first Collaborate conference. Back in 1989, I even managed to leave Las Vegas with more money than when I arrived 🙂

So if you don’t get the chance to catch me at Hotsos Symposium 2010, perhaps I’ll see you at Collaborate 10 !!


1. Peter Scott - December 19, 2009

Great…. a chance to meet you – I am speaking too 🙂


2. Pavan Kumar N - December 21, 2009

Hi Richard,

Before this, you have updated a Seminar / Public Appearance in INDIA, but after that you have removed that. We thought we had lucky enough to attend your seminars over here and I was planning for that. But now, the schedules are changed. I would like to know whether is there any chance to give a seminar in INDIA.

Pavan Kumar N


Richard Foote - December 21, 2009

Hi Pavan

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I’ve had to pull out of the seminars scheduled in India next year.

Sorry 😦


3. Pavan Kumar N - December 22, 2009

Hi Richard,

Thanks for updating the information, really I am missing the your seminars, as we don’t have chance to attend the seminars @ your place. I thought god was so kind for us to and given the Opportunity to attend seminar @ our place in INDIA, but there was still a delay. Let’s hope for the best, I will wait till the next year. I request not to forget us, specially I am one of the person looking for your sessions.

Take Care Richard,

-Pavan Kumar N


Richard Foote - December 23, 2009

Hi Pavan

Who knows what the future might bring 🙂


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