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2 Year Anniversary !! December 14, 2009

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Indexes.

A little anniversary slipped by unnoticed this past weekend. Which isn’t really too surprising considering how busy things have been lately, with Christmas just around the corner.

I’ve now been at this blogging lark for 2 whole years !!

Hopefully, there are a few people out there just that little bit wiser now regarding how indexes work in Oracle and a little bit wiser regarding just what a brilliant album Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” really is.

150 posts later and 300,000 plus visits, things are still going strong. Well still going anyways 😉

Thanks to everyone for their comments, contributions and continuing support over the past 2 years.

Doesn’t time fly …



1. Surachart Opun - December 14, 2009

Your posts are wonderful.
& Nice for Snow.


2. Craig Martin - December 15, 2009

Congrats on 2 years. Your posts have provided me with valuable insight on a couple index-related performance issues in the past year, and more importantly was the little extra push I needed to become the proud owner of Radiohead’s Best Of album. 🙂 Now a couple requests for the new year:

* Explain if adaptive cursor sharing on 11g changes your indexing strategies (e.g. are you more liberal with histograms?)
* Explain why Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut is so underrated
* Bring song titles back to your post headings


Richard Foote - December 15, 2009

Hi Craig


Regarding your requests:

1) The short answer is not really. If a query needs a particular index or a histogram, I would generally ensure it’s there. The longer answer though is that one needs to perhaps think about these things a little more as the possibilities increase and such an answer perhaps needs a full blog entry to discuss.

2) This also deserves a blog entry of it’s own. Rolling Stone gave it a then rare 5 stars when it came out but time as not been kind to this album. It’s underrated perhaps because for two main reasons; it’s not quite as good as The Wall that came before although comparisons are unfair and because the band themselves hated the record, with the exception of Roger of course. In short, it’s a fantastic album that just needed an extra guitar solo or two for it to be considered as such by many more people.

3) OK, will do 🙂


3. Brian Tkatch - December 15, 2009



4. Doug Burns - December 15, 2009

Doesn’t time fly …

Doesn’t it just and the older you get, the faster it flies 😦


Doug Burns - December 15, 2009

Oh and … good stuff, keep it coming, obviously!


Richard Foote - December 15, 2009

Hi Doug

I read / heard somewhere that the mid point of perception of one’s life is at about the age of 9 or 10. As a very young child, a year is such a long time and drags on, as it’s a huge percentage of your life so far. By the time you’re say 50, a year is but 2% of the life you’ve already lived and so seems to zoom by.

Now how depressing is that !!


Doug Burns - December 15, 2009

Well that sounds plausible.

Why doesn’t it make feel better? 😉


5. Mohamed Houri - December 15, 2009

I will be or try to be the first person who will buy your book on indexing strategies if you decide to write it.

Richard, why not a book? It will be very very interesting to have your book on my desk



Richard Foote - December 15, 2009

Hi Mohamed.

Who knows, perhaps one day 🙂


6. Balakrishna. - December 15, 2009

Hi Richard,

I appreciate Mohamed Comments .. even i am eagerly looking forward for your book with index internals.

Congratulations for finishing two years ….. 🙂




7. Richard Foote - December 15, 2009

Thanks for all the nice comments, much appreciated 🙂


8. Alberto Dell'Era - December 19, 2009

Hi Richard,

many thanks for your extremely useful and well-written blog … I’m sure I have read (carefully) every single post of yours here!

Happy 2010 🙂


Richard Foote - December 21, 2009

Hi Alberto

Thank-you !!

Have a great 2010 yourself 🙂


9. Amardeep Sidhu - December 21, 2009

Hi Richard,

Congratulations for completing 2 years of blogging 🙂 . It has been wonderful reading your thoughts on indexes and performance related things. I haven’t read all your posts but its in my mind since long to read your blog cover to cover ;).

And oh yes, writing a book is not a bad idea at all…as Tom says that indexes can serve as an awesome subject for a complete book 😉

Cheers !


Richard Foote - December 21, 2009

Hi Amardeep

Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated.

If you print each blog entry and bind the pages, you’ll have yourself a nice think index book in your hands !!

Send it to me and I promise to sign it for you 🙂


10. Henish - December 22, 2009

Hi Richard,

Congratulations for completing 2 year of your blog 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blogs and hope to see more exciting topics on index internal.

One more thing not a bad idea to have a book on Index 🙂

Wish a very happy holidays and great new YEAR 🙂



Richard Foote - December 23, 2009

Maybe one day I’ll look at get something printed.

Have a great new year yourself.


11. Aman.... - December 22, 2009

Hi sir,

Many congrats for completing 2 years and heartiest wishes that the number keeps on increasing 🙂 ,

Is your visit to India confirmed now? When the booking for this will start?

Oh BTW I am in complete agreement with Sidhu about the book 😀 .



Richard Foote - December 23, 2009

Hi Aman

Thanks for the nice comments.

Unfortunately, I can’t do the India dates next year.


12. baskar.loganathan - January 11, 2010

Hi Sir,

My best wishes and congratulations. Your blogs really helped me in understanding the index better..
Thank you very much for the information you provide in the blog..



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