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Radiohead “In-Rainbows” Disk 2 Available For Digital Download June 13, 2009

Posted by Richard Foote in Music, Radiohead.

For all the Radiohead fans out there, some exciting news.

They’ve just announced that their “In Rainbows” Disk 2, which was previously only available with the limited edition “In Rainbows” Box-Set, is now available for digital download from their w.a.s.t.e site.

I wrote a piece on the Radiohead “In Rainbows” Box-Set a while ago when it was first released, where I briefly described each track. It’s a fantastic collection of songs, with “Last Flowers To The Hospital” which dates all the way back to “OK Computer” being worth the price of admission alone.

If you’re a Radiohead fan, or simply a lover of great rock music, I highly recommend you check it out.


1. Tony - September 18, 2009

Hey, thanks for this. On my purchased copy there is no track “Last flowers to the hospital” – I need to find it! Thanks for the heads up.
PS I agree In Rainbows is simply Essential for any music fan. Radiohead, best band since Pink Floyd


Richard Foote - September 23, 2009

Hi Tony

I purchased the box set so can’t comment on why it’s missing on the download. Except to say you must simply track it down as it’s my absolute favourite Radiohead track since the Pyramid Song. It really is that good !!


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