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Sunshine Coast Queensland (Good Day Sunshine) February 5, 2009

Posted by Richard Foote in Travel.


Just recently returned from two glorious, relaxing, sun soaked weeks in the paradise that is Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

We often go to the Gold Coast but decided this year to stay at Mooloolaba instead, about an hour’s drive north of Brisbane on the quieter Sunshine Coast. As you can see from the photo, the views from the hotel were fantastic.

Two weeks with no work, no Oracle, no laptop, no phone, no cooking and no TV (except the Australian Open tennis).

Two weeks of swimming and sun-baking by the pool, body surfing and walks along the beach (where the water temperature as a very nice 26 C), fishing, cocktails, eating out at fantastic restaurants each evening, cold beers on the balcony, reading (Roger Moore’s biography “My Word Is My Bond” and Peter F. Hamilton’s “The Naked God“) exploring Steve Erwin’s Australia Zoo and the famous Glasshouse Mountains, more cold beers on the balcony and of course sleeping in each morning !!




OK, so it may not have been the biggest of fish 🙂

We were very lucky with the weather, with lots of sun (of course), only the occasional afternoon storm and with mild temperatures in the late 20s, early 30s Celsius while back home and in much of Australia, temperatures were a somewhat uncomfortable 40 degrees plus during much of our stay.

If you’ve never been before and want to visit a truely beautiful part of the world, I would highly recommend checking out the Sunshine Coast.

I was really getting used to it all but now it’s back to work, cooking, 38 C days and what to write next on the blog 😦


1. Tony - February 6, 2009

Good for you – taking vacation time is, for me, one of the hardest things to do. It seems to only create more work. Sounds like a nice time. Plus with a name like Sunshine Coast the relaxation is built right in.


2. Aman Sharma - February 6, 2009

Hi sir,
That’s great! Hope you had a much better time than “rebuilding indexes” ;-).


3. Surachart - February 6, 2009

Hi Richard,

I think that’s awesome with no Oracle, no laptop, no phone, no cooking and no TV.

It’s time to rebuild your life… I mean make life to fresh, fresh and fresh.



4. Norman Dunbar - February 7, 2009

Hi Richard,

looks like a good holiday was had by one and all. My wife, Alison, and I tend to head for Mooloolaba as well when we are in Queensland. Failing that, Noosa is highly recommended – especially with all those nice lace monitors running about!



5. Balakrishna - February 12, 2009

Hi Richard,

It seems you have enjoyed a lot good to hear that :)).




6. LUCIANA BRAGA - December 9, 2009


can you please tell me in what hotel did you stayed in Sunshine Coast?


Richard Foote - December 9, 2009

Hi Luciana

We stayed at the Mantra Sirocco Appartments:


Highly recommended, with beautiful views of the coast, but you must stay above the 1st floor else the views would be hidden somewhat by trees. Anything 2nd floor above are excellent.


7. Jean-Pierre Rives - June 1, 2010

Happy to hear you enjoyed your stay. Beautiful sunny shores and friendly people. Feel free to visit Mooloolaba Hotels for your next vacation escapade.


8. kayno - April 7, 2012

What breed of fish do you have i caught one today and can’t find out what it is


Richard Foote - May 7, 2012

Hi Kayno

I have no idea but if it’s extremely rare don’t worry, we put it back in the water in good shape 🙂


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