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Busy Busy Busy !!! October 23, 2008

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Index Seminar, Richard's Musings.

I thought I better publish something just in case anyone feared I had fallen down a cliff or something.

These’s last few weeks have been so hectic, it’s been crazy. I seriously got home tonight and noticed that some of my roses in the garden were blooming and I actually made a conscious decision to smell them and just enjoy the moment.

Then I remembered I was running late and had to help with the kids and that precious little moment just disappeared 🙂

Played in a football tournament over the weekend where I played 6 games of soccer over two days in 29C heat, so my body is suffering a bit at the moment. We won the “Saucer” and the title of “The Best of the Worst” teams so it was a somewhat successful campaign !! Scored a few goals as well 🙂

Much of my spare time is spent getting everything organised and ready for my trip to Europe next week. All the dates for my Indexing “Extravaganza” Seminar tour as part of the Oracle University Celebrity series have now been confirmed so there’s a lot of travel and a lot of presenting ahead of me over the coming weeks.

All the dates and venues can be found on my Public Appearance page and list on the right.

I’ve also been invited to present at the Finland Oracle User Group on October 30 at Helsinki so I’m now leaving a few days earlier to make it a nice round 3 week trip in total. I’m actually feeling just a little bit tired and exhausted just thinking about it all but it should be a whole lot of fun and I look forward to meeting some of you on my travels. I haven’t been to many of these places before so any good suggestions of where to eat, drink and what to see always appreciated 🙂

The blog has had to take a back seat but I’ll try and write something before I go and a few entries during my travels. Looking forward to the Christmas holidays already !!


1. Brian Tkatch - October 23, 2008

Must you tease us with heat as we are getting colder and colder here in MIchigan? 🙂


2. Robert Klemme - October 23, 2008

Same here in Germany. Richard, what about swapping places? 😉


3. Mohamed - October 24, 2008


I am working in Belgium and I will start a new job on November 3rd. So I can’t attend your seminar their.

However, I would like to give you a few interesting places to visit.

You should start by the “Grande Place”. There, you have just to follow any group of tourists with their guide and you will learn many historical aspects of the Grande Place’s building and achitecture.

Belgium is very famous for its chocolates. At the Grande Place you will find a Chocalate musuem which is very interesting to visit. Do not forget to buy the famous chocolate Godiva, Nehaus and Leonidas; I listed them in their prices and quality’s descending order.

As per regards to restaurants, be sure that if you enter any Belgium restaurant you will certainly enjoy what we serve in. However, I would like to suggest you to go to a restaurant which is not near the Grande Place. As such, you will have a lunch in an area where tourists are not very frequent (Schuman, Porte de Namur, Louise, Merode are the metro station names where you can find good restaurants).

Another suggestion would be to visit the town named “Bruge”. It’s a very nice town you will also certainly enjoy.

Don’t forget that from Belgium you are about 30 minutes in train far from “Lille” the town where I live in FRANCE. It is also a nice place to visit.

If you have a time say between 17H00 and 18H00 on November the 3rd or the 4th, I will be very happy to invite you to drink a cup of café with nice chocalate at an amazing Brussel’s café shop.

If intereseted send me an e-mail and will be very please to see you in Belgium.



4. Richard Foote - October 28, 2008

Hi Mohamend

Thank you for the tips on Belgium !! If you want to drop off a message for me at the Oracle offices in Brussels, we can see what we can do about that cup of cafe 🙂


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