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3 Steps To Performance Tuning (Working Class Hero) July 3, 2008

Posted by Richard Foote in Oracle Opinion, Performance Tuning, Richard's Musings.

Last night, I answered a question on the Database OTN forum regarding Database Re-Org and Performance Tuning. I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my response here as it’s something I feel quite strongly about.

Basically my response to the question of what basic steps one should follow when performing performance tuning was:

1) Identify an actual problem that needs addressing, one that’s problematic to the business, not one that only exists in some statistic or in one’s imagination

2) Determine what’s actually causing the problem as identified in Step 1.

3) Address the specific issue as identified in Step 2.

It all sounds rather obvious but it’s amazing how many don’t follow these 3 basic steps and attempt to jump straight to Step 3.

Unless you perform Step 1, you can’t accurately perform Step 2 which means you’ll only be guessing when performing Step 3.

The secret to performance tuning is not to guess …

I’ve lost count of the number of times I see people guessing at what a problem might be and hence get it all wrong …

The number of times people waste time and resources on problems that aren’t really problems and hence make no measurable difference …

The number of times people throw hardware at a problem without fully considering whether additional hardware will actually resolve the problem and hence waste money and resources for no measurable benefit …

The number of times people jump straight to applying a solution to a problem that they haven’t properly or correctly diagnosed and hence don’t actually solve the issue …

The number of times people attempt to resolve a problem by focusing on the symptoms rather than the root cause, only to fail dismally …

The number of times people are lucky and fix a problem by guesswork and by fumbling around in the dark without understanding why it fixed the problem, only to attempt the same thing again at another time and for it to fail dismally …

Like I said, the secret to performance tuning is not to guess.

John Lennon was once quoted as saying his secret to writing music was to:

1) Say what you want to say

2) Make it rhyme

3) Put a back beat to it

Three basic, fundamentally important steps. He would have made a good DBA 🙂