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Richard Foote’s Art

Following is a collection of my art works I thought brave enough to upload.

They highlight both what’s in my mind (so be warned) and how I like to relax in the evenings :)

The style is generally “Abstract” but I’m not entirely sure abstract what !!

Each piece takes about 2 weeks to complete. I generally use A3 paper with ink pens.

Enjoy !!


“Canberra” – Available



“Block On Blocks” – SOLD



“Sleepless To Seattle” – SOLD


New Horizons

“New Horizons” – SOLD



“Fever” – SOLD



“Interconnect” – SOLD


Random Reads

“Random Reads” – SOLD


Black Holes

“Black Holes” – SOLD



“Coloured Dots” – SOLD



“Dark Lightning” – SOLD


Spiral I

“Spiral I” – SOLD


Spiral II

“Spiral II” – SOLD


1. Richard Foote’s Art Work (Art Decade) | Richard Foote's Oracle Blog - May 5, 2014

[…] Richard Foote’s Art […]

2. Randolf Geist - May 6, 2014

Absolutely wonderful!

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